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Re: Dissatisfied Customers

Several years ago, an article ran in the Wall Street Journal discussing the effects of dissatisfied customers on a business (pre-Internet days).  The WSJ article said that satisfied customers would
recommend to about seven other individuals of the good service they received, but a dissatisfied customer would be willing to tell as many as TWENTY individuals about the BAD service or product they
received, AND would be more than happy to elaborate on the cause of their dissatisfaction, providing details!  The WSJ story went on to discuss how corrosive the effect that dissatisfied customers had on a
business (apparently, people who did not have personal dealings with a business would pass on the story of the poor service they had heard about, multiplying the effects of the dissatisfied customers
substantially) and the ineffectiveness of advertising or denial to overcome the effects of the dissatisfied customers (if a business didn't stop creating new dissatisfied customers, it usually went out of
business).  The author of the WSJ story concluded that the best way to overcome the effects of the dissatisfied customer was to avoid creating them!