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Re: Aqualine-Bushke or Aqua-Medic

Dave said:

> There is a membrane diffuser on the market. I'm not sure what the
> brand is, 
> but I think it may be either Aqualine-Bushke or Aqua-Medic. My
> spelling may 
> not be correct for the brand names.

Yes AB/AM does make a diffuser, which is based on the AM hanger that is
used for AM and AB reactors and other items.  

These two companies are joined at the hip, with Aqua Medic being the
North American corportate vendor.  Some of the product line originated
with one, and some with the other.  The advertising, even on their own
web sites, seems a bit confusing about who makes what or what brand an
item will bear when you buy it.  If interested in one of their
products, you need to search under both names or contact them directly.

Scott H.

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