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Karen's "Low-Light Lovelies" in May AFM

I received the May issue of AFM yesterday, and I just wanted to say a
public thank-you to APD denizen Karen Randall for her "Low-Light Lovelies"
article on page 20.  The article is full of beautiful photos and great
info about plants for low-light aquariums.  IMO, Karen's article alone is
worth the price of this issue!

If you don't have a subscription to AFM, be sure to pick up a copy of the
May issue and help AFM to pay Karen for more great planted-tank articles.
;-)  Also, if you like the article you might want to take a moment to send
a note to aquariumfish at fancypubs_com so that they know we're out here...

So, thanks Karen!  I always enjoy your work.