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The things you can do with ladies pantyhose ...

Or where I come from - ladies tights!

Suzi in Vancouver wrote:  "What I did was to put a piece of pantyhose over 
the intake ..."

This invaluable piece of equipment has been in my box of "bits" for some 
time now.  I've used them to make little bags to hold peat or charcoal in 
the past.  My latest usage tip is to put a "foot" over the intake end of my 
python water changer.  Takes quite a while to change the water in my 100 
gallon tank.  I either had to continually hold the hose and flick away 
small inquisitive fish (a guppy once suffered a very unpleasant experience 
having been sucked up), or else bury it in the substrate in a corner.  Now 
with the end firmly covered, I don't have to stand and monitor it 

Anyone else got any tips for ladies underwear in their tanks?

JC in Calgary