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Moderation, threats, etc.

First, I expect that there will be no threats against people made 
on the APD.   What you say in private email is your business and 
needs to stay that way; DO NOT post private email to the list - either 
email you send or email you receive.

Second, [Redacted] and other like-minded individuals:  the APD 
is not a moderated list. It will not be a moderated list as long 
as I'm administering it. It is each person's "job" to see that the 
list remains productive and on-topic.  [Redacted]   Remember 
than one person's trash is another person's treasure; if you don't 
care for a topic, pass it over. 

[Redacted]   If you had a valid reason to think a person or business 
is guilty of [Redacted]

APD Listmom <---- NOT moderator 

Texas Metronet