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Re: A. Kaufman / Newbies / Staying OT

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 08:25:57PM +0000, mike popov wrote:
> It seams this issue of computer crime has already been litigated against 
> some of the defendants;

You, my friend, are very misinformed. You need to study these issues
longer and/or more carefully.

> You did not address the suggestion that someone should moderate here.

APD is a bit of a hybrid somewhere between totally moderated and
totally unmoderated. We have a "listmom" but she does not screen
individual posts - if you send a legally constructed message to the
list from the account you signed up from, it will automatically be
distributed to everyone without first being deemed appropriate by the
listmom (as happens with true moderated lists). However, the listmom
will on occassion make strong "suggestions" about the content of
*future* submissions should she deem that a thread is getting lost or
uncivil. The only enforcement stick she has is removing an offender
from the list. And, if you think about it, this is really a very weak
enforcement tool - it is trivial to re-join the list using a different
address should you be removed.

Many if not most of the participants in this list feel comfortable
with the way the list is set up and run. If you do not, then you
always have the choice of not participating, as we all do. 

Or you can always start your own "proper" list and then woo some,
most, or all of us to join it.

Good luck.

Dan Resler                            email: dresler at vcu_edu
Computer Science Dept.
Virginia Commonwealth University           
Richmond, VA 23284-3068 USA