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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1669

Well, it's only the first week in March and the monthly brawl seems to
have begun. :-\

Writing email is a bit like driving in cars -- lots of folks are bolder
and meaner when behind the wheel than they would otherwise be in
public.  Some that wouldn't think of cutting in front of you in line at
the theater don't think twice about doing it on the road.  Of course,
some of us are just plain ornery.  ;-)

I'm not trying to be bold or mean here; I just want to urge politeness
because better ideas tend to be presented by by more thoughtful

I hope that listmom does not edit out letters, not even impolite ones
-- readers can easily skip over that which doesn't interest them.  But
even though emotional letters *can* be entertaining, the good thoughts
come from thinking.  With email, we sometimes too easily forget that
polite conversation can be forceful, persuasive, *and* raise
interesting points, even if the writer is angry, drunk, or both.

Scott H.

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