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Green Dust Algae again

So I have this stuff in my tank. It takes about 36 hours after a water 
change before it is visible on the glass. I have been doing 75% water 
changes 2x/week the past two weeks, wiping it off the glass before I drain 
the tank. It is not helping. I don't have a diatom filter or UV sterilizer. 
Will this stuff go away if I do a 4-day blackout? Or what else can I try? 
I'm wrinkling like a prune from all the water changes.

Tank specs:
72 gallon all-glass bowfront
220W AH supply CF light
cylinder CO2
KH=4.5, pH=6.8, GH=3
using 1/2t KNO3, 1/2t K2SO4, pinch of H2PO4, 10ml flourish, 10ml flourish 
iron, 4t baking soda, 2t seachem equilibrium every water change.
Tank is 8 months old.

Sorry to repeat this Q.


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