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Re: Tank set up

<< Should I get a canister, or go with my AQ?  I like the idea of
 > injecting CO2 into the canister (no reaction chamber taking space
 > up in the tank), but it means that I'm spending more $$$ when I
 > have a perfectly good aquaclear.>>

I for one have Aquaclears on all my planted tanks, and although I've stopped recommending the Minis and 150s (Had several stop working at random, IMO because the motor just isn't strong enough to handle clogging of the intake), the bigger ones are wonderful. Um, personally I'd plan on eventually getting a second one unless you end up with a low fish load or lots of water changes (I'm a bit of a freak, though, I have a 300 on my 20 gallon and still do 50% daily changes, but it is a tad overstocked. Really, I'm not crazy ...), but it sounds great. 
Oh, and go planted - it is a _lot_ of work but so completely worth it.

-Molly & the fish