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RE: Green dust algae again!

R. Sandage wrote:
"So I have this stuff in my tank. It takes about 36 
hours after a water change before it is visible on 
the glass. I have been doing 75% water changes 
2x/week the past two weeks, wiping it off the glass 
before I drain the tank. It is not helping. I don't 
have a diatom filter or UV sterilizer."

I have both and neither has made much difference.  I 
have the UV on 12 hours a day with the lights.  Tried 
the same types of things you are doing. All to no 

This weekend, I noticed when I woke up that my fiance 
had the blinds completely open to the living room, 
throwing a lot of light into the room in an effort to 
get her dying house plants to perk up (she'd do 
better with voodoo).  I realized 
that a lot of this indirect light was hitting the 
front and right side of my tank. I think this was a 
major factor in my algae problem, so this week,  I 
convinced her to leave the blinds closed... So far so 
good.  Definite slow down in the algae.  Jury is 
still out though.  

I didn't even think much of the indirect light, but 
you might check your situation and see if you have a 
lot of it in the room where the tank is...

Hope this helps.  YMMV etc.

In windy and cold SE PA! 

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