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Re: herbivores??

I have otos, siamese algae eaters, ramshorn snails, malaysian trumpet 
snails, a couple of grass shrimp, three twig catfish and one baby swordtail 
nibbling or scraping away at the surfaces in my 150 gallon tank. SMALL snail 
species are okay with plants and a valuable addition to any tank. Most 
common livebearers nibble at algae all day long. Be careful what type of 
pl*co you add, they vary in diet and may not be very interested in your 

Before I added CO2 to the tank I had a lot more algae in spite of the starry 
night pleco [black with white spots bristlenose],otos and snails. The plants 
don't seem to get algae like they did before. I like my algae nibblers even 
though the twig catfish are making lattice work out of my swordplants.

Kathy in southern California

<<I'm still reading all my emails and beginning to make
Can anybody suggest good algea  eaters? I have read a
little into otts and flying foxes and siamese and
One site says this one says that!
any tips??


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