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Re: PO4

> I'm still pretty much a newbie, but have enough knowlede to know that po4
> alone does not cause algae. Tom frequently asks how much is too much po4?
> Well here is my experience. About 8 months ago I set up a 30 long 110wtt cf,
> flourite sub, diy co2 and still dosed my ap perfect ph 7 ( before I learned
> that it was a phosphate buffer) So I tested for phosphate and it was off the
> richter scale, but I had 0 algae. I can't tell you how many 50% water changes
> it took to where I could even test for it. After I got it down to where it
> was supposed to be and quit adding the buffer, is when things went south. I
> now add about one dash twice a week( I use the spoon from my lamotte test
> kit) that brings me up to the _recomended_ range. Imagine what it was when I
> was adding 3 huge scoopfuls of this stuff- and there was no algae whatsoever
> I'm convinced it's way more than high p04 levels that cause algae

This has happened to a few folks that mix their KNO3 up with the KH2PO4
I've also seen tanks that did add lots of PO4 "buffer" and had nice algae
growing. It can work both ways.
I ask because it's a question that someone else has likely done.
Many of the natural waters have about 1.0ppm max or so. That seems like a
decent range. Adding more will not help produce more plant growth
likely(that I have found-doesn't mean it doesn't happen).
Tom Barr

> Jeff Vamos
> Cessnabum1 at aol_com