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Re: More algae vs plants

> It would also make sense to me to argue that by
>> keeping background algea populations low with manual removal and algae
>> eaters there isn't the potential there for a major population explosion.
>> No one would dispute that this is true - would they?

Consider the tender tasty succulent YOUNG/JUVENILE lettuce leaf. Now
consider an old mature funny colored adult leaf. Which would you eat?
Which would be more nutritious?

Consider the algae on these same terms.
1 ) The young shorter algae are less likely to survive(phyiscal
processes-nutrients/light/DO etc)
2 ) They have more nutrients in them(and require more for growth)
3 ) They are easier to detach(get swept away by currents, gravel damage etc)
4 ) They don't produce spores/gametes yet
5 ) Disturbances (like us going in and removing the algae)

Just a few things here.

Tom Barr