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Re: White filmy thread algae?

Susi Barber at wanderer35 at pacificcoast_net wrote:

> this is very weird stuff - to me it looks like very short bits (about 1/2"
> max) strands of decomposed pasta, not as substantial, yuck!  nowhere near as
> fine as hair or thread algae, and as I said, it forms patterns on the glass
> where the water current is slow, like drifts of cirrus clouds.  On the
> substrate, it almost tends to form a flat mat, very thin, but if you touch it,
> it disintegrates.

My guess would be some kind of bacterial or fungal colony. Probably
harmless, and perhaps even beneficial. I've seen something similar to this
in my tanks growing on the glass where water movement revealed its presence.
Similar stuff has been observed and noted on the list in the past, but I
don't recall anyone ever identifying what it is. I'd ignore it unless you
just don't like it, in which case a broad spectrum antibiotic may work
against it.

Dan Dixon