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Re: White filmy thread algae?

Hi Bob,

>Are you sure these aren't nematodes crawling out of the soil with copper

No it ain't living in the sense of a critter....very strange stuff.  I think
I've got it on the run (have been watching nutrients closely), and then it
comes back again.

>That isn't a lot of light for a ten gal.
>Why is the GH so high?

I know, am gradually upgrading all of my tank's lights, but as that one was
planned specifically for low light, was going to leave it til last....  the
plants are growing great, by the way!

GH is high because I have highly bred guppies from California that like it
high.  My local water is really soft, so I would have to add something like
Equilibrium anyway.  I also add dolomite to increase the calcium - I find
that less than 40ppm means the snails have really ridged and distorted

>Paul K. has a good procedure for "soil soup".

Been there, done that, all my tanks have soil substrates, I prefer it that
way, but thanks!

>Sounds like you have a lot of test kits - what type Fe kit?

I use the Hagen suitcase except for GH and KH, which is Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals - basic, I know, but they seem to do okay.

Got the Cuprisorb, installed it today, will keep working on it..... that
tank has had a bit of a cooler temp in it last week, the heater wasn't
working well, but don't think that made a difference either.  I usually keep
it at 78F, it dropped down to 74 for a few days.  Luckily, the fish seem

Just wondered if anyone else had encountered anything like this - I don't
usually have any algae, of any description, except a few bits of green spot
on an anubias in another tank - this is very weird stuff - to me it looks
like very short bits (about 1/2" max) strands of decomposed pasta, not as
substantial, yuck!  nowhere near as fine as hair or thread algae, and as I
said, it forms patterns on the glass where the water current is slow, like
drifts of cirrus clouds.  On the substrate, it almost tends to form a flat
mat, very thin, but if you touch it, it disintegrates.

Oh well, will keep up with the water changes and adding nutrients,
persistence, I suppose!

Kind regards,