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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1658

Your comments are inaccurate; there is no gloating by the Plaintiff at all.
The post that was not placed on this list but on the Plaintiff’s was to
report the facts of the case accurately rather than have people draw their
own conclusions.

<Implies that you believe you have them over a barrel?>

That is not the case at all! Your wrong.

<Honestly, this is going to wake up an even bigger beast you cannot tame.
Wouldn't NOW be the right time to be noble and put all this nonsense to?

That is why the smart defendants settled, your question should be directed
to Barr, Rosenstein Hudson and the others who wish to continue at the direct
expense of all the people who have donated money.

We tried very hard to put this issue to rest; it is not the plaintiff at
this juncture that needs to be noble.