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Re: Tank temps

> Subject: re:tank temp
> thanks for the advice,
> I believe plants grow better in lower temp than say 86 degrees i can't
> remmeber y i think something to do with the oxygen level in the warmer
> water? can someone clarify that for me?

Not just O2, all gases are in higher concentrations at lower water temps(CO2
MET rates are increased at higher temps and more dependence on water column
transport directly to the leaves is required to keep up with break neck
Higher temp can play a role somewhat like more light _but_ to a much lesser
degree. Substrate transport of nutrients to the plant's growing tips at
lower lighting, temp improves often for most folks. It's easy to keep up on.
High light and high temps are a lot of work.

> although i know some plants don't do as well in warmer water than cooler, i
> belive java moss is one of them...

I really have not found many plants that don't do well at warmer temps. None
except for Aponogetonceae. Keeping up with most plant's nutritional needs
becomes more difficult as these two increase.
Tom Barr
> thanks
> Raymond Wong