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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1655

Penny Crowley asked:

> Why would I get tiny air bubbles
> coming out
> of the return spray?

Sometimes gas bubbles accumulate in the top of cansister.  An Eheim
will occassionally burb these out in small bubbles -- the rotor case is
shaped to allow this to happen to prevent the rotor from running dry.

The gas accumulation can probably happen for more than one reason.  

The most likely reason is that some air is sucked in past the o-ring
that seals the motor-head assembly to the canister.  This can be fixed
with a new o-ring if the current one is old, and in any case, a bit of
clean petrolatum/petroleum jelly/vaseline at the joint.

But even after you do this, you might still get gas bubbles collecting
in the top of the canister.  When that happens, susspect the o-ring
that seals the inlet tube on the cansister bottom (on the older
Eheims).  The cure is the same.

If you do that and still get gas accumulating, you can try refreshing
your media.   I say this because it seems to have worked for me when
the first two efforts didn't work.  I suspect that water with high
levels of dissolved gases might release some of the gas in the
cansister -- either that or bacteria in the canister are giving off
waste quickly enough that it is forming bubbles.  I hope someone will
correct me  on this if I am wrong as to the cause -- but it does
sometimes work.

Lastly, if you tip the Eheim occassionally you can burp it and not
worry too much about why the gas is there.  In fact, if the small
bubbles don't bother you in and of themselves, you can do nothing and
the Eheim will occassionally burp itself and work just fine until time
for the next cleaning.

Hope that helps,
Scott H.

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