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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1655

John W. Lemons III noted:

> If you are attempting to paint us as sexists, then I am 
> quite offended.  Our list mom and some of the other female 
> members might be as well, since they certainly aren't 
> "boy's"...

Of course, John is right that some members are women.  I don't know if
it's a few or most of the membership.  

I was not offended by the suggestion that man's name is more likely to
prompt an answer to a question.  I thought the comment was foolish and
a bit sad if it was sincere or merely impolite if just made in
impatient haste.  If I thought it was true, THEN I would be offended. 
But I think I understand why someone else might be offended -- after
all, there is a suggestion of "wrong doing" with little more than one
person's impatience as evidence.

Some of us have other dealings with some of the members of the list and
know that these people are male or female.  But generally, on the
internet, no one really knows if your a man or a woman, young or old,
sharing a name or address between two or more parties -- in some cases,
some posts could even be generated by computer. (No, I don't have
reason to believe that someone is doing this now -- I'm just making a
general point.) One of the unfortunate things about the i-net (or
fortunate depending on your point of view and purpose) is that it is a
masking medium.

Naomi makes a good point too.  When your question doesn't get an
answer, don't immediately bite the hand that you want to feed you. 
Reposting or polite reminding usually works.  Also, try to see if you
can ask the question better or even (yes, it takes a bit of work)
peruse the archives.

Lost of sites will give personalized attention, but few will do it as
well as some of the folks on this list.  So it's work sticking it out,
worth being patient, worth being polite.

Scott H.

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