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Micro Pressurized CO2 Setup

Spent waaay too much time doing this the last couple of days but some
interesting equipment is available from the paintball crowd.  Here's what
I've found:

The CO2 tanks are widely available in a variety of sizes from 3-4oz up to a
couple of pounds to meet space constraints. Tank prices are $15 and up.
There are low pressure regulators which supply under a 100lbs to drive the
autococking mechanisms; approximately $45 and up. These include blowout
protectors in some cases e.g. the Rock from Palmer.  The tank connections
are pinvalve equipped and easy to connect safely.

Following these with a needle valve (possibly RC aircraft) should make for a
compact inexpensive system.

Reloading can be done by yourself from a siphon tank and reloader in the
garage or just go down to any paintball place and get a reload for $5.

Nice hoses and connectors in all sorts of sizes.

I'm going to give it a go.