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Lamotte CO2

I guess I was speaking broadly when I said the kit was not that suitable
for home use.  Most people have a few minutes a day, if that, to spend
on their tanks, barring the weekend.  I don't find titration hard nor
the test difficult, but it's definitely more time consuming than
dropping in some reagent and waiting 5 minutes.  Unless I need it to
answer some burning question about the environment (outside), I don't
tend to use it.

I didn't mention what James Purchase did which was:
"Luckily, there isn't a "specific" amount of CO2 which needs to be
present in
water to be useful - the range over which CO2 is both helpful to the
and safe for the fish is quite wide."
That's the real point here; you just don't need the kit in my opinion.
Roxanne Bittman