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Re: Lamotte CO2 kit

Roxanne Bittman said, in part:

> I would not recommend this kit to aquarium keepers.  You are better
> off
> estimating CO2 levels using the KH and pH charts.  The Lamotte CO2
> kit,
> which I own and have used to test natural waters for research, may be
> inexpensive, but requires titration and most people will be put off
> by
> that.  It's not that hard, but it is definitely more trouble than
> it's
> worth for home use.

The Hach CO2 kit works nearly the same way -- you titrate until you get
color in the sample.  Any color at all?   A faint hint? A definite
colored appearance.  This can easily be no more accurate than testing
KH, pH and using the chart.  Although I confess, some folks must be
much better at color tone discrimination than I and many of the
hobbyists I have known.

Some may still Purchase the Hach or LaMotte CO2 tests -- and good for
them -- they work and are reasonably priced, all things considered. 
They just might not suit some hobbyists' tastes that don't like to
fiddle about just to get their CO2 levels set.  Especially if you are
thn going to work backwards with a chart anyway to arrive at some other
calculated result (e.g., pH).

Scott H.

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