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Re: Roots on stem plants

Rachael asked:
"How do I deal with roots on the stems of frilly stem plants such as mayaca,
myriophillium and so on? They are really ugly, but I can't seem to trim them
off without giving one side of the plant a buzz cut."

Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, many plants naturally throw off
roots from their stems. If this bothers you enough to want to give the
offending stems a trim, try using detail scissors. You could probably find a
pair in a notions or craft store - various types are made for cutting
individual threads in sewing. Another place you could look would be Lee
Valley (http://www.leevalley.com/). They do mail order all over the world
and sell a variety of differenttypes of scissors:

Micro-Tip Scissors 52K02.01 $11.95 US
Stainless Snips 86K98.01 $4.95 US
Conjunctival Scissors 81D40.20 $12.95 US <--- These are for incredibly fine
detail work

James Purchase