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re: Leaches

>How do you get rid of leaches that come with plants? What period of
>quarantine is required ? Do the addition of salt, Potassium permanganate
>the like destroy leach eggs.
>Lastly  how long do leach eggs survive, are they like snails eggs and
>daphnia ephipia(?).

I can't seem to get rid of hair algae, but I know how to get rid of leaches
(at least the kind that live mostly in the substrate).  I had a TERRIBLE
infestation about 4 years ago.  Ugly brownish grey squiggly things creeping
up out of the substrate.  The tank was in my living room.  I got a Betta who
happily hunted them down and ate them.  For a few years I didn't see any
more leaches.  Then Mr. Betta died last year.  We just started seeing
leaches again, so the eggs can either survive about a year or Mr. Betta
missed a few critters that were very good at hiding.  I just got a new betta
and he seems to be hunting the substrate just like the old one.  It's very
interesting behavior to watch.

Sorry I don't know how to prevent the infestation in the first place, but
the Betta did a nice job getting rid of them once they were there.