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RE: RE: Snails

I want to thank everyone who answered my questions I guess I was just hoping
for more of the general connscience like I got from my last.  I try not to
add to many chemicals to the tank and in turn try not to test the water to
much also(if I don't see it it must not be there right:) ).  But I do watch
my fish and plants for problems in either.  I did not realize that over
feeding will cause snails to multiply faster.  I was doing that to aid in
small amount of plant fertilizer cause it is inexpensive and does break down
fairly quickly(I thnik)  I have some yoyo loaches(Lochata Botia I think) in
my tank and have seen no improvment in snail population so I did not
consider any for her tanks.  I guess I might try some puffers but I thought
they need a little salt in the water to keep them alive.  THanks again

Matt W.