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Re: I AM going to the GPAS metting!

>>The one in Portland!  The Portland in Oregon!  But I'll have to get a new
tank to fit all the goodies that Tom's sending (assuming I even win the
bids!)!  They'll just have to go into my daughter's new 10 gal!<<

Do yourself a favor though and dont't bid on Toms Tommy white
anubias...(naming the plant after you, Tom!) So its an all white Anubias.
Really, trust me, its not really THAT rare! Just think of how easily the
algae will show up on the leaves! And I hear snails are attracted to white
plants!  Don't waste your money...I will make the sacrifice and bid on it
just to take it off the clubs hands.  I feel it is my duty...someone has to
buy it and it might as well be me. I am just that kind of guy...

Robert Paul Hudson