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Re: I AM going to the GPAS metting!

>>The one in Portland!  The Portland in Oregon!  But I'll have to get a new
>>tank to fit all the goodies that Tom's sending (assuming I even win the
>>bids!)!  They'll just have to go into my daughter's new 10 gal!<<

>Do yourself a favor though and dont't bid on Toms Tommy white
>anubias...(naming the plant after you, Tom!) So its an all white Anubias.
>Really, trust me, its not really THAT rare! Just think of how easily the
>algae will show up on the leaves! And I hear snails are attracted to white
>plants!  Don't waste your money...I will make the sacrifice and bid on it
>just to take it off the clubs hands.  I feel it is my duty...someone has to
>buy it and it might as well be me. I am just that kind of guy...

    I also feel an obligation to ensure noone else is stuck with plants of such
low appeal. <g>  I will volunteer to give these (and other) poor unwanted plants a home!!

    I have not been to a GPAS meeting but am looking forward to this.    Looking like
plant auction is going to be good.    Is the fish auction pretty decent as well?

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