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RE: Using garden hoses to change water

Jon wrote:

"This isnt a directly aquatic plant queston but I was wandering is it ok to
use a garden hose to change the water in your tank ? Its getting a bit of a
chore with buckets and my 200Lt tank.. Ive heard some garden hoses have
algicides ? any harm to the plants ;)"

I use a 25' garden hose as standard practice. On one end is an inverted 'U'
made of PVC fittings that drops into the tank and that includes a PVC ball
valve. The other end also has fittings that include a PVC ball valve so that
I can store the hose full of water with both valves closed - makes starting
the siphon a breeze. One end in the tank, the other end where I want the
water to go, open both valves, empty tank to the desired level, then close
the drain end valve. Now here's the cool part. They make a fitting that
makes it real easy to add a water connection under any sink. It's a tee that
you can add another one of those flexible water lines to, the kind that
connect from the wall to the faucet. Put a brass ball valve on the end of
that, and a connection to your drain hose. Connect the drain hose, open all
the valves, fill to desired level, close all the ball valves, and store the
hose for next time.