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Re: fish store in Indiana, plant deficiency??

Peterson, Erik at erik_peterson at TAYLORU_EDU wrote:

> can anyone estimate how much fertilizer/supplement I need to add to a fairly
> heavily planted 20 gallon tank with 55w pc lighting from AH and DIY CO2. I
> have Kent Freshwater Plant, Leaf Zone. Saw some Flourish at a store, but does
> the trace nutrient mix say anything about plants on the bottle, or just water
> condition for the natural aquarium? Should I start using that? I've been using
> a capful (5ml) of the Kent every couple-three days. Do I need more/less?

My setup is proportionately equal to yours, although you don't say what your
fish load is. I've been using Kent and Leaf Zone at about the same
concentration as you for a couple of years with a moderate fish load and my
plants do fine. I use Jobe's fern/palm sticks occassionally also (on the
swords mainly). I haven't tried Flourish.

> And what's the best way to know without an iron test kit?

Proof is in the pudding. Just watch your plants. Your ludwegia should show
tinges of redness, grow vigorously, and look robust.

Dan Dixon