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Re: Method of CO2 reactor?

sedaraal at UMDNJ_EDU:
>  I'm having a little trouble figuring out which method
> of 
> reactor to use.  I have a 180g tank so I want to get as much as I can
> dissolved.  I can't decide between letting the co2 run into the
> intake of an 
> eheim canister or to use the powerhead and gravel tube method that I
> saw on 
> the "Aquarium Concepts" page

A couple of points that might prove useful.  The more turbulence you
have, the more it matters how efficient your CO2 injector is.  If the
CO2 isn't being dumped from the water into the atmosphere quickly, then
I thik the differences in effectives will appear smaller between
different methods.  

The Gravel tube method is very efficient and relatively but it's hard
to hide the bugger in the aquarium.  The
"stick-it-in-the-canister-uptake" method is also effective, even
cheaper, and not as intrusive visually but more intrusive on the ears.

If you put a bottom on the gravel tube and a return pipe, it becomes
and external reactor that you can move out of the tank AND have 100%
CO2 absortion.  You need to have secure leak proof connections to do
this.  You might be better off, in this case, getting some PVC parts
and PVC cement to craft together a satisfactory contraption. . .Or ask
Tom Barr if he will sell you one of his external reactors.  Possibly he
is spending too much time on his studies and not enough time in the
shop   ;-) 

Scott H.

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