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fish store in Indiana, plant deficiency??

Okay, I have a couple of questions. First, can anyone recommend a good
fish/plant store in the north-central Indiana area? I'm a student at
Taylor University (just off i-69 between marion and Muncie) I'd probably
drive as far as Fort Wayne if it was a good one.

Secondly, what deficiency would most likely be indicated by holes in
leaves on some plants, like an apon, and the edges of leaves to start to
decay or decompose on a rubin and another unidentified sword.

Okay, I lied. Third question: can anyone estimate how much
fertilizer/supplement I need to add to a fairly heavily planted 20
gallon tank with 55w pc lighting from AH and DIY CO2. I have Kent
Freshwater Plant, Leaf Zone. Saw some Flourish at a store, but does the
trace nutrient mix say anything about plants on the bottle, or just
water condition for the natural aquarium? Should I start using that?
I've been using a capful (5ml) of the Kent every couple-three days. Do I
need more/less? And what's the best way to know without an iron test
kit? The tank is planted with anubias, java fern, apon, vals, hygro,
bacopa, ludwegia, java moss, and some zebra rush/grass I took out of my
mom's pond to see if it would grow submerged.