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Re: Java Moss

I did an experiment that was totally unscientific but I was looking for a 
plant to provide food for newly hatched fry (6 feedings a day are impossible 
for any working person) and I used Java moss (didn't want them to eat the 
plant, the plant was a medium for other critters). Because I use certain 
chemicals to retard the growth of fungus I wanted to see how the plant would 
respond to small amounts of various chemicals in the water post hatching. 
Long story short, I found that Java moss really hates the various copper 
treatments and when I used any product with copper in it, the Java moss did 
poorly. I realize that most plants hate large amounts of copper but the Moss 
really went down hill fast even with decreasing amounts of copper. Again that 
was an unscientific experiment but it happened in numerous tanks over the 
period of a few months.  It could have been something else but I'll leave it 
to the junior chemists to figure it out.
Scott S