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Re: Java Moss

Scott S a.k.a  SleetScat at aol_com writes:

> Long story short, I found that Java moss really hates the various copper
> treatments and when I used any product with copper in it, the Java moss did
> poorly. I realize that most plants hate large amounts of copper but the Moss
> really went down hill fast even with decreasing amounts of copper.

Oh really? 

My source water has so much copper in it you could hammer it out for
jewelry! The highest recorded level for the past year was 7.8ppm. There are
a variety of plants in my tanks; Java Moss & Ferns, Vals, Crypts, an
assortment of stem plants, Najas, floating type plants etc. NONE of them
seem to respond poorly to my water.

I ought to go tell my plants that they should not be growing so
well--especially the Java Moss! <g>

(who thinks it was some other parameter that caused the Java Moss go south)