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Re: Gettin in on the Amano discussion

Dusty Swanson wrote:

 "I know my tanks aren't anything special, but if one day my tank looks
spectacular and somebody comes over and asks if my tank is an "Amano
tank, I might have to slap them.  I think Amano is overrated.  It'd be
if I wrote a song and someone asked me if my influences were stevie ray
vaughn or kenny wayne shepard, then I would slap them and throw my song
the trash."

Dusty I could not agree with you more ! Individuality and creativity is
lost with all these "Amano look alike". Not only that but if you notice
all of the suppliers of fish and plants have prices on the "Amano
preferred items (Fish Plants Shrimp)" at much higher $$ than others and
for no real reason other than "-Its in the Amano book !".

Rather than us trying to copy someone else to the tee, we should be
trying to push the hobby forward with new equipment, designs and
planting. Speak up people.Don't be afraid to plant that crypt where want
it rather than where someone else "SAID" it should be.

I also think that a lot of people are not entering these AGA and ADA
contests because of the fear factor that there aquascape does not
conform to the norm. I think one would see a greater participation in
these events if they were held at a more regional level within the US,
baring international competition. It would allow an "American style(s)
to evolve, and one thing is for sure. We are not known to be a country
of copy cats.