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Gettin in on the Amano discussion

James Purchase said it perfectly and it couldn't be better!  Your aquarium
has to please you and only you.  If you want it to please others, then join
in.  If not, just read and enjoy the folks that get down to the
"nitty-grittys" and enjoy everyone's attempt presented!

Merrill Cohen <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I know my tanks aren't anything special, but if one day my tank looks
spectacular and somebody comes over and asks if my tank is an "Amano style"
tank, I might have to slap them.  I think Amano is overrated.  It'd be like
if I wrote a song and someone asked me if my influences were stevie ray
vaughn or kenny wayne shepard, then I would slap them and throw my song in
the trash.

Also Tom Barr, you should have a lot more pictures of your tanks, maybe
release a couple books, you'd probably get lots of fans, maybe people would
even start calling their tanks "Barr style"