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Re: low light CO2

<< Well why then would you be asking about adding CO2(via whatever method)? 
You say that your plant growth and health are not what you would like also.
 Sound like you want improvement.>>
 << Sounds like you also want to add CO2, BUT you are unwilling to.
 I'm not sure why folks fight this adding CO2 issue to the hilt. It's not
 just you Bill it's many folks all over. They have to weasel around adding
CO2 gas at all cost >>


Thanks for your response.

What I want is to have an attractive, healthy ecosystem of aquatic plants and 
animals in my living room.  In my original post I wondered about how many 
fish would be required to produce the same amount of CO2 as would a certain 
number of bubbles per minute of injected CO2.
Your response was essentially, "Too many" and I accept that.

But I have maintained planted aquaria with just fish for years, with some 
successes and some failures.  I'm here to learn how to do that better, 
without getting too techy.  Your answers, and those of others, and Ms. 
Walstad's book, have helped me a lot.  I suspect that there are others out 
here like me.

I want to assure you that I do not have a secret urge to add CO2 - I don't 
know where you got that idea.  My plants grow, usually, and while I don't 
have the diversity that more intensive gardening would enable, I have enough 
to keep it interesting.

And I don't have to worry about whether it's art or not.

Best wishes,