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Re: low light CO2

> But many of the postings here are from people who use CO2 and high  levels of
> lighting and who also have all kinds of nutrient and algae problems, so I
> wonder.

Well that IS why they are here. To solve the problems. Most have found a
relatively easy solution also. Folks with little experience often have a
steep learning curve. Perhaps some are just stubborn and don't take advice.
There are quite a few of those. Some don't believe you either.

As far as folks with CO2 etc having more algae issues than non CO2 users
...well I think it's well balanced. I have seen many cases of lush BBA(at
least 100+ tanks over the years) tanks w/no CO2. Some other prime examples.

Most of the folks with *severe* algae problems use DIY CO2 or no CO2. With
gas you do have to add nutrients and prune more often but the gain is well
worth the added effort for most. If you can't figure out how to use the gas
correctly then your going to have problems.

Which ever path you seek to go down I'll try to help but listening to folks
say what they want one can figure out if they are asking for the non CO2 or
the CO2 method. 
> "Try it sometime. See if it works, I mean just go ahead and _kill all your
> fish_ from low O2 levels and high NH4, NO2 levels:-)".
> That hasn't happened yet, and won't, but I admit that my plant growth could
> be  better and there are many species that I just don't try to grow.  I know
> the limitations of my approach and accept them.  My aquariums look OK, too.
> Usually. <g>

Well why then would you be asking about adding CO2(via whatever method)? You
say that your plant growth and health are not what you would like also.
Sound like you want improvement.

Sounds like you also want to add CO2, BUT you are unwilling to.
I'm not sure why folks fight this adding CO2 issue to the hilt. It's not
just you Bill, it's many folks all over. They have to weasel around adding
CO2 gas at all cost and in the end they often(95%+) should have just gotten
the CO2 gas tank/DIY CO2 and been done with it. Instead most have gone down
and much bumpier road and after learning the hard way, they realize they
should have taken the advice they where given to start with. I'm not lying
to here. I have no reason to. A few folks have done the non CO2 method very
well. They are a small group and I like that group. If you choose the non
CO2 or the CO2 I'll help. I can do either method you choose.
Tom Barr
> Regards,
> Bill
> ------