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overdriving fluoro bulbs

On Mon, 18 Feb Vincent Chye wrote:

> I missed the discussion on overdriving fluoros. Is it safe to do so?
> As I understand it, it is the driving of a lower wattage tube with a higher wattage ballast. So far ppl have been doing this with electronic ballasts, is there any reason why it won't work with magnetic ballasts?
> I guess what I'm trying to ask is if I can run a 30W T8 tube with a 36W magnetic ballast...

I am afraid that I do not have an answer for that one, and I was the one
who got into overdriving tubes lately. I am using electronic ballasts on
T12 40W tubes. I got this idea from the IceCap ballast which advises you
can do exactly that with their ballast. The only difference is that I
have found a more reasonably priced ballast.

With a magnetic ballast, I am fairly sure that your tubes will burn out
sooner, maybe immediately, I do not know. Realistically, though, you are
only talking a difference of 6 watts, which is practically nil. I am
driving a 40 W tube more like 70-80 watts, which is a much bigger
difference. I even tried driving the 40 W tube equivalent to overdriving
a VHO (110 Watts), and the tube did not burn out.

Sooo...I would suggest you try it carefully away from the tank first,
not yet mounted in the canopy and be ready to unplug it if problems
arise. Keep an eye on the temp. of the ballast. Keep an extinguisher
close by just in case. Let me know how it works out for you.

Ed Dumas