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Re: Algae on Tank Walls

>I had what I think is the same kind of stuff you have
>in my 30.  It would appear as spots and form a light
>green film.  Does that sound like it?

Yes, that sounds like what I have.

>I suspect the nitrate may still be too
>low.  Anyway, what is your nitrate level?

I have been battling high nitrates until just recently.  For the first week
and a half, my nitrates were measuring around 40 ppm or so.  I would perform
large water changes, and the nitrates would be back up to 40 ppm after a day
or two.  Last Wednesday, I performed another large water change and rinsed
my filter pads and biomedia containers in old tank water.  They were pretty
dirty.  My nitrates have remained around 10 ppm since then.

>The fact that you have BGA says a lot.  In my
>experience, it will show up when nitrate levels are
>too low (or pretty high).  I forget whether or not you
>added PO4, but perhaps you induced an N deficiency by
>ading too much.

I canít figure out why I have BGA either!  I though low nitrates were the
cause of BGA, too.  But my high nitrate levels would seem to go against
that.  I am hoping that regular water changes and following a consistent
tank maintenance schedule will clear up the BGA (and this green surface
algae too!).


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