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New email list for The Artistry of Planted Aquaria

Hi folks,

Several people have emailed me and expressed their
interest in starting a new list that is solely
dedicated to aesthetic/artistic topics.

The list is called:
The Artistry of Planted Aquaria (TAOPA)

To subscribe to this list, send an email to:
taopa-subscribe at yahoogroups_com

(you may unsubscribe at anytime by sending an email
to: taopa-unsubscribe at yahoogroups_com)

The homepage for this list is:

This list is open to all subscribers and is
unmoderated.  The use of yahoo to host this will allow
for a chat feature, photo albums/archives, and a post
archive (as well as the ability to search the

Additionally, one can choose how to receive emails
(daily digest, individual emails, or no emails--for
those who like to look at archives and not email).

While I have never had a technical problem with APD
digests, I know many of you have (not receiving
digests for days or weeks).  I have used yahoo for
many months for a different list, and the service has
been quite good.

Remember that these lists are not mutually exclusive. 
Personally, I will post on both.  I still have many
non-artistic questions/concerns to discuss.

I have high hopes that this new list will serve those
who wish to discuss artistic issues.  If you are
interested, please join.  Thanks!


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