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Re: Art and Technology

While preferences and focus vary from person to person, an for any
individual they might vary from time to time, still, it's not as if one
could accomplish the artistic without the science or do the science
without a bit of art.

Anyhow,  now and then there is an outpouring of common sense:

Re an alternative list for the artistic interests, Rachel Sandage
suggested. "How about if we just use this list? For example, Robert H.
often posts about new plants. People usually respond with how they grew
it under such-and-such conditions and it got this big, or reproduced in
this way, or whether it needs certain nutrients, or something like

She went on to give further examples, but once you see the
straightforward elegance of her point, the rest just sort of falls into
place.  This list is a racecar, a family sedan, even VW microbus; it
depends on how you drive it.  You can skip over the messages that
interest you least, and *respond to others in ways that interest you
most*.  On this last point, I think Rachel is suggesting a broader, and
more open-dialogue.

I'm not saying it half as well as Rachel did, but I thought the idea
merited a seconding.

Scott H.


BTW, until we see the pics, for all we know, Tom Barr is the " 'Tom
Barr' of aesthetics."  ;-)

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