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Tank Design

John Wheeler says;

>>>One beef I have with aquascaping now is the
proportions of the tanks commonly for sale. They have
no depth (front to back) so it is difficult to
*create* in such a limited scope, especially with
bulky items like rocks. Those with 55gallon, 29gallon,
20long, 45long are especially challenged. These were
clearly designed to be "fish" tanks.<<<

I have always thought that square tanks are the "best looking" to my
design eye. I have always liked looking in the end of long tanks so that
you get the view down the length of the tank through all that water.....

On a different thread. An interesting quote from Jorgen Scheel in his
book "Rivulins of the Old World" concerning fish coloration and the
presence of CO2 in the water. He is discussing the presence of certain
types of pigments in the skin of fishes in the genus Procatopus, a West
African lampeye species. These he termed reflective pigments due to
their metallic sheen as seen when the angle of the light hits the fish
in a particular way. At any rate, apparently there is a correlation
between the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the water and the amount of this
pigment they produce. Perhaps if young fish grow up in our planted tanks
with CO2 present then this could possibly translate into more colorful
fish????? I always gave credit to the plants for providing a stable
water chemistry and places to hide as being the main reasons for why the
fish look so much better in planted tanks. Maybe there is another
reason, on more of a biochemical level, that my fish look great in

Has anyone played with using CO2 to influence spawning of fish?


Northwest Killies
Brian Perkins, President
West Linn, OR 

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