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Re: CO2 formula, Is this right?

Arturo Batista said:

> Subject: CO2 formula, Is this right?
> Two questions:
> First:
> My brother who is a Chemical Engineer sent me this formula and told
> me that
> it would accurately provide the CO2 concentration in PPMs, as long as
> phosphate buffering was low or nil. I have compared it with the chart
> at The
> Krib, and it tracks pretty close, but not quite.
> There seems to be subtle differences. Can anyone here comment on it?
> The formula is:
> CO2 (PPM)= 3 * KH * 10^(7-PH)
That's the same forumala the George and Karla Booth have on their
website, which is now:


I always thought that The Krib's table was made using that formula.  I
made the table that way and came out the same as George and Karla --
allow for rounding.

Scott H.

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