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RE; Amano cult discussion...

Nick baited:

>>Amano and the ADA clan is one of the biggest
Business and Marketing scams to every hit the Aquarium
Hobby !<<

I don't represent ADA in any fashion....but I will say
it is probably unfair to call a company a "scam" in a
public forum, without backing up what you say. 
Perhaps some others on this list can share their
hair-pulling experience...

>>I do admire him though for the way he promotes his
business hiding behind the allegoric  (I am an MIT
grad so I am allowed to use this word ! :) <<

"Allegoric" is not in Merriam-Webster.  Perhaps you
meant "allegorical."  Interesting that you parade your
excellent vocabulary and Ivy-league training in the
same sentence.

>>Too all us here in this site : "This is were the
real magic takes place ! Its us. Its our
communications, ideas and knowledge !"<<

In a sense, perhaps.  But on a different level, "real
magic" is in the personal inspiration and creativity
that goes into one's art.  There is a reason why "art
by committee" is rarely successful.  Or attempted.

>>This is what real aquarium plant and fish keeping is
all about ! Not the fake and commercial world of

Well I am not going to argue whether Amano's
aquascapes are fake.  I'll leave that one to the

But as to the subject of Amano being "commercial." 
It's a funny distinction we draw.....if an artist
doesn't make money, then he is pure....if he sells his
work, well that's what he has to do to make a living,
but isn't as pure anymore....if he actually creates a
successful business and markets his work well, by
heaven, he's a two-bit sellout piece of trash.

Milan Kundera has written about our obsession with the
artist, in place of examining the art.  And we see
this with the "commercial" argument.  This kind of
criticism does not address the art, but just attacks
the artist.  Equally off-putting is the sort of
criticism that adulates the artist and interprets the
art through the his personality.

American aquascapes stink.  And it's the anti-art
sentiments of the techno/hobby crowd that perpetuate


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