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Re: RE; Amano cult discussion...

>>Too all us here in this site : "This is were the real magic takes place !
Its us. Its our communications, ideas and knowledge !"<<

And for putting up with ridiculous comments like yours, we should win a
prize. Lurkers unite! Oh well, to each his own, bite your tonge Arthur, I
know you want to scream about now! I invite anyone like "Nick" to take a
look at the gorgeous pictures on Arthurs WEB site and tell me if you think
his pictures are as UGLY and contrived as Amanos, or the pics of Aquarium
Design Group, or many of the entrants and winners of the AGA aquascaping
contest, all who have been inspired by Amano.  Here is the WEB site
addresses in case you cant find them,

Arthur, it doesnt have to be an us against them you know... everyone has
different interest levels and I think most of us appreciate both the
technical and artistic aspects of the hobby. I wouldnt particularly like
separate lists, I think I would get just as bored talking about nothing
other than esoteric art, as I would talking only about algae.

Robert Paul Hudson