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RE; Amano cult discussion...

Amano and the ADA clan is one of the biggest Business 
and Marketing scams to every hit the Aquarium Hobby !

There ! I said it !

The guy is an over rated "magic potion" scammer !
I do admire him though for the way he promotes his business
hiding behind the allegoric  (I am an MIT grad so I am allowed
to use this word ! :) ) writings and photo essays
creating the Japanese mystic !

Has anyone looked closely at his pictures of "his" creations ?

They are so doctored up and fake that it is pathetic.

Nothing can survive for the long term in his tanks. I would like
him to set up a web cam on several of his tanks for people
to actually "see" how his tanks do over time. Mr. Amano, no one
can achieve equilibrium in a contained vessel, such as an aquarium
without variables changing over time. Chaos theory baby !

The only thing I will credit Amano with is his photography. Kudos
to you Sir for making aquariums look so fake ! Spielberg may 
have a job for you ! 

What is more pathetic than that is me for buying his books !
(I wonder if I can get a refund ? ...)

Too all us here in this site : "This is were the real magic takes
place ! Its us. Its our communications, ideas and knowledge !"

Its sharing all this with each other. This is what real aquarium
plant and fish keeping is all about ! Not the fake and
commercial world of Amano.

Did you talk to you algae today ? You should because it IS in there !



Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 22:25:24 +0800
From: " Anthony Baker" <bakera506 at earthlink_net>
Subject: RE; Amano cult discussion...

Mr. Purchase wrote:
"The "mystical garbage" is every bit as valid an 
approach as worrying over micronutrient levels to the 
point of _navel gazing_ or pulling your hair out over 
the appearance of algae."

This cracked me up James... The scientific name for 
navel gazing of course being omphaloskepsis -- one of 
my favorite $5 words.

I do tend to agree with James on his points though -- 
at some root level I suspect many hobbiests are 
interested in the "creative outlet" aspect.  

Afterall, you can only buy so many gadgets and test 
your water so many times before you actually have 
to...God forbid!!... Aquascape and worry about how 
the rocks look in the whole compositition.  I'm very 
excited that I am now at this stage, and no longer 
stress about a little algae!

- -Tony

- --