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Re: all stems?

> From: Paulio629 at aol_com
> Subject: No more stems?
> I am thinking of some changes in my 90 gallon. I might remove all the stem
> plants and go to all crypt and anubias. I currently have 320 watts (mix of
> ten 32watt T8's.) I inject co2 and use kent liquids. Will I need to reduce
> the amount of light ? I am a bit affraid that once the stems are gone I will
> have algae troubles.
> Any insight greatly appreciated.

Well here's what I'd do. I'd replace about 40-60%. I'd leave some stems/fast
growers in easy to prune areas. For dimension you can use driftwood and
attach the plants to that.
You will use _less nutrients_ but you need to keep them the level. So when
you use to add KNO3 2-3x a week, now you'll only add it 1-2x a week. You'll
still want the 5-10ppm etc and good CO2.
Same for the PO4 and the K and Traces.

Also, it'll take some time before the Crypts and slower growers get their
roots established. Much longer than the stem plants. Once in place the tank
will be stable. During this time you need to take care of the tank better
and then afterwards, you can relax and the tank will be more resilient.
I still use a few fast growers to sop up any disturbances to the tank. You
can lower the light also. Drop it down to the 2-2 1/2 watt a gallon range(6
bulbs would be nice).

Doing this greatly reduces the amount of work and maintenance making it
almost a low tech, non CO2 type tank that grows things very well.
If you can add a split of 6500K, 5000K and 4100K bulbs that would be nice.
These plants do very well with redder colored light. Two of each type.
Tom Barr