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Funny thing happed on the way.....

I was picking my son up from Lacrosse practice and had some time to kill
before picking up my twin sons from wrestling, with 6 kids, believe me I
never stop!).  We had some time to kill and I ended up cruising through a
small industrial/shopping type area and noticed...hey a new pet store, let's
go check it out!

Nice store, but only dry-goods, pet supplies etc...wait look in the back a
huge room with rows of fresh/salt water tanks! Discus! (my other passion)
and some planted tanks too and...so close to home...excellent.  Anyway I had
to get going and noticed a stack of Potomac Valley Aquarium Society's
(www.PVAS.com) "Delta Tale" and grabbed one going out the door (Volume 32,
Number 2 march/April 2001).  Continuing on my journey, I stop at a red light
and looked down at the front cover and immediately started leafing through
the publication...then I did a double take.... turned back to the front
cover and said to myself...that is a nice planted tank picture.... wait a
minute that picture looks familiar...hey that's my tank!  I'm published!
COOL!  Apparently I had sent some photos that ended up on the PVAS site and
one of them, as it turns out was used on the front cover (black & white).
Here is the color version for anyone that might be interested.