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Re: Controllers

> I am looking to purchase either the Dupla Delta or Alpha pH controllers for
> my 120s.  Anyone with some experience with these controllers or Tunze
> controllers - your opinions will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
> big D
> -- 

I know someone that may sell you a Tunze controller. Not sure why you'd want
one though:) Don't need them. You can get a Dupla and Tunze new also. The
distributors are in TFH mag and Dupla is sold through Hawaiian Marine I
believe. All the ones I've installed had an adapter for the electrical
plugs. I'd get a pinpoint for 200$ or less if you have to have a controller.
They are a good company and the service is going to be much better and
easier to deal with over the years. Cost will also be much lower for probes
They will do the same thing for 1/2 less or more.
Controllers are certainly not needed for any planted tank and only if you
have a few hundred bucks laying around that is burning a hole in your
I _would_ recommend a pinpoint pH monitor though. Cost about 80-100$ and
will give you the read out on the pH to the same resolution as a controller.
Need a tad more CO2? Turn up the valve a touch till you get the desired pH.
I touch my CO2 set up about 1-2x a year. It's as good as any controller as
far as keeping the pH locked in.
None of the folks in our west coast plant club have controllers(I have
clients that do have money to burn that have these) but almost all have a pH

Now if you "have to have" the tech stuff or want to try data logging etc
info, try the Octopus controllers with temp, pH, lighting controllers and
X-10 modules. Then you can download the info etc and also have a nice
lighting timer etc. Much cooler for your money and more useful. Cost a tad
more than the Dupla/Tunze stuff and you get a lot more. The data logging is
a nice feature. I might get one for that feature alone, but I'm in to that
part. You may not be and are only wanting the "top of the line stuff". If
they were local, if they were closer in cost, if they had the same
electrical outlets/usages I'd be more inclined to suggest them, but they
don't. Consider you needs before purchasing. Ask "What is it that I am
trying to accomplish with this piece of equipment?"

Tom Barr