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CO2 in a low light tank

Thomas Barr wrote:

> I've tested the CO2 levels closely in a 55 gallon tank with 
> 1.6 watts per gallon and have not seen what you described 
> using the same plants(C cordata var and wendtii) I ran the 
> CO2 to the point of killing shrimps(about 100ppm) then dropped 
> back for about an average of 25-30ppm over the course of 6
> months. Growth was incredible and no melting. 

When I built out my first planted tank (55g, 110w CF), I found that any
time pH dropped precipitously - say, more than 1.0pH in less than a
half-hour, all my C. wendtii melted right down to the substrate.
However, since the tank has stabilized, the same drop in pH no longer
causes a crypt melt.  The only conclusion I could arrive at is that I
clearly don't understand what was going on!

Michael Rubin ~ San Francisco